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Grant Jefferies

Grant Jefferies, a native Floridian, was an award-winning photojournalist for more than 30 years.  Recently retired from the Bradenton Herald, Grant is focusing his camera on documenting the area’s natural beauty, with a particular eye toward sharing the natural resources across Florida and efforts to conserve the state’s finest treasures.  Having grown up in the Bradenton area, Grant has seen how quickly development can take over pristine areas. Because of this, he is determined to make sure everyone has an opportunity to see Florida’s wild beauty. He can be found many days trudging through swamps, sporting his heavy boots, a ball cap typically atop his head and a long gray ponytail hanging down his back. He often carries his heavy 600 mm lens mounted on a tripod, along with a camera bag around his waist and another camera slung over his shoulder.  Since retiring, Grant has had several solo exhibits at the Bishop Museum in Bradenton. 


Topic:  Photographing Manatee County Conservation Areas


Photo Sharing: Quality Light

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