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Next Meeting - December 12    1:00pm Library and on Zoom

Special Guest Speaker:  Padma Inguva


Padma Inguva’s passion for photography goes beyond her incredible love for photographing flowers. It extends and encompasses the architectural world and all its wonders which include photographing places of worship, especially interiors.  As a photographer and a student of Civil Engineering , she has managed to incorporate the two disciplines into an art form. Her appreciation of Neoclassical Architecture has led her to capture some of the magnificent religious structures in USA.

Her journey into photography led her to Vertorama.

Photographing the interiors of these massive structures such as cathedrals, museums and churches  present photographic problems not readily solved by current and popular photographic techniques. After considerable trials and errors and mentoring from world class Klaus Hermann, Padma Inguva refined several techniques to showcase the interiors of churches,cathedrals and other places of worship by capturing the entirety of the altar and ceiling in one image that normally could not be captured in one frame.
By embracing the technique of Vertoramas Padma has been able to capture the beauty and magnificence of these incredible structures.

In simple terms, it’s a combination of the already known techniques of Panoramas and HDR photography. In even simpler terms, by stitching together vertical frames and incorporating HDR photography Padma has managed to present a realistic and complimentary view of an incredibly large structure in a single image.Padma will also discuss the workflow that she uses to process these images. The topics include HDR (High-Dynamic Range Imaging, Vertorama stitching as well as tone mapping).


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