Our Summer Shutterbugs will be led by our newly formed Shutterbugs Committee. The Committee consists of Carmelina Carra, Don Fanska, Vicky Fanska, Art Firester, Judy Haran, Suzanne Havens and Michael Mason.  To stay “in the know”, watch for announcements that will be going out to the whole club.  Carmelina will be giving us an overview of their plans for the summer at the upcoming meeting. 


Stay tuned for our 2021-22 Season.  Your current Board is busily making plans to get the year started.  We will be asking for help as the year progresses as we all feel it’s very important that more members get involved in planning and organizing our programs and events.


We are already off to a good start in that area too, as Gerry Atkinson has volunteered to lead our Mentor Program.  Tony LoFrese and Bob Schmitt will continue their Special Interest Groups plus Suzanne Havens has volunteered to head up a Photoshop Special Interest Group. Our first meeting will be on Tuesday October 12 so mark your calendar.  Bob Schmitt will be keeping us updated via our website and our Facebook page.  More info from Bob to come at Tuesday’s meeting.    

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