At this time we are planning on using the room upstairs at Elsie Quirk Library to Zoom with the presenter and show it on the new 90” monitor. Members in town can join us live in the library and watch the presentation and out-of-town members can Zoom it.

To provide a safe environment for all, we will follow the following CDC guidelines while in the library:


·  All attendees must be vaccinated and wear masks correctly and consistently.

·  All are encouraged to use physical distancing.

·  Anyone who feels sick, please stay home and join us on Zoom.

·  All who are unvaccinated can zoom from home.


Our first meeting will be on Tuesday October 12 so mark your calendar.  Bob Schmitt will be keeping us updated via our website and our Facebook page.

Our second meeting of the month will be for photo sharing plus any other in-person activity we would like to have, and will take place in the Elsie Quirk Library.  Photo sharing will be based on the presenter’s content as the theme so that we try putting into immediate practice the lessons learned.  Photo Sharing sessions will be zoomed as well from the library so out-of-town members can still participate. 


Since dues can be paid online or by mail-in check this year we will be asking everyone to pay as early as possible...October will be considered our dues drive month. Participation in all club activities, meetings, outings, small groups, webpage and Facebook, will be dependent on current dues paid.  Please help us by joining early.

Considering joining the club? Be our guest at our next Zoom meeting before joining. Click the button.....